My SF links


Albedo One

Legendary SF magazine based in Ireland - these guys also run the Aeon Award. 

Encounters Magazine

A free bimonthly PDF magazine, featuring science fiction, fantasy, horror and paranormal short fiction. 

Fiction Vortex 

A so-called 'speculative fiction typhoon'.  Some great online SF up there (including one of mine...) 


Lisa Knight's alternative blog site, featuring poetry, fan fiction and a series of my flash stories. Lisa also publishes 'Bento Box', 'Psychopomp' and is a die hard Smiths fan.  

Jupiter SF

Trailblazing small press SF magazine - located in Yeovil, Somerset. 


Online Hard Science Fiction magazine, resurrected after a 40 year hiatus in 2012. Named as one of the best free online science fiction site by Decades Review.

Shoreline of Infinity

A smashing SF magazine based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Iain M Banks

Iain Menzies Banks died on the 9th June, 2013.  His oeuvre will however outlast us all...

Jacey Beford's Blog

Writer, musician, agent and a whizz at Bananagram, Jacey also helps run the Milford SF writers' conference.  Her debut novel 'Empire of Dust' is out now!

Paul J McAuley

Red Dust and the Confluence trilogy rank up there amongst my favourite books... 

Alastair Reynolds

Revelation Space, Pushing Ice, Terminal World.  Need I say more?

Al Roberton's Blog

Al Roberton's weird fiction, poetry and music blog. Al's debut novel 'Crashing Heaven' arrived in 2015.
Philip Suggars' Blog

Fellow Milfordian and real ale lover's blog about reading and writing.  He occasionally tweets from @FelipeAzucares

Liz Williams' Blog

Writer, Clarke award judge, proprietress of witchcraft shops, Milford SF writers'conference secretary and Dr in the History and Philosophy of Science to boot.

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