The Machine Sequence

Where it all started? Photo © GTM

'The Machine Sequence' is a series of flash fiction stories, some  of which have appeared on the Imaginalis website.  They precede my novel 'Machine Songs', which is going through the laborious (but fun) process of a second draft.  The stories are arranged below in order.  Just click on the links below to those so far available:

1) 'A Sufficiently Advanced Technology'    

2) 'A Drink With The Botanist'  

3) 'In The Sewer, You Can't See The Stars'  

4) 'Grains Of Pollen, In Twilight'  

5) 'On The Brink Of An Unknown Future'   

6) 'The Witch In The Forest'  

7) 'The Leaf Of Valerian' 

8) 'The Harmony Of Immortal Souls'  

9) 'Bolted On Technology, Artificial Intelligence And Aliens'  

10) 'Artefact'

11) 'On The Wing'

12) 'The Machine Sequence (Part 1)'

13) 'The Machine Sequence (Part 2)'

14) 'Dulce Et Decorum Est, Pro Terra Mori'

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