Tuesday 4 March 2014

Vice Versa

Another old story added to the blog: Vice Versa.  This was written in one sitting, back when I probably should have been studying.  I used to hang out in this coffee shop called CB1 on Mill Road in Cambridge - a place where fresh coffee was basically on tap - half price refills as far as I can remember.  The walls of the place were stacked high with second hand books, including a rather decent SF section, which provided a deal of procrastination.  They had open mic nights where I tried out some of my rather juvenile poems on the assembled handful.  Of the many unusual people who used to pop in during the hours I sat there, I clearly remember the man who walked around Cambridge with a raw, supermarket chicken on his head.  He claimed he was a performance artist, or rather someone who used this title to hide his madness behind.  Anyway, I'm sure this chap popped in during the creation of this story, but he didn't stop the flow of words.

The lovely people at Noesis liked this story and published it in what was my third and final appearance for them.  I now realise I am honoured to be sharing the pages with one Philip K. Dick award winning author: Simon Morden, creator of the fantastic Metrozone series.  Many congratulations Simon!  You certainly have set the bar quite high for the Noesis Alumni - but I'm working on it...

The pages are reproduced with kind permission by Noesis.  The artwork is by a chap called Ian Storer, a trainee lecturer in Nottingham at the time.  Oh, and as an aside, the exams worked out ok...

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