Tuesday 12 January 2016

Blowing The Scion's Trumpet

A few lovely Scion-related things have happened since I last blogged.  Things which have cast the shadow of self-doubt away from my feelings about The Scion and, perhaps rightly, elevated its status in the world.  I find self-doubt always creeps in somewhere, with the insidious nature of the Wraith - a healthy part of the process, until it becomes all-consuming...

Anyway, here we go: the trumpet is blasting, hopefully not deafening the rest of the orchestra, or swallowing the viola's delicate melody. Unfortunately, I think maybe the entire brass section were in the pub in the interval.

Fancy a cuppa and a good SF novel?

BSFA Longlist

The Scion was longlisted for a British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) award.  BSFA members can vote for the book (alongside other fabulous works like Al Robertson's Crashing Heaven and Paul McAuley's Something Coming Through) up until the 31st January.  Fingers crossed it'll make the shortlist.

Preditors & Editors Poll

The Scion seems to have somehow snuck onto the Preditors & Editors Poll for Science Fiction & Fantasy novels published in 2015.  Currently storming up the charts to hover around number 3. If you fancy voting, you have until the 14th of January - which is soon!

Perihelion Science Fiction Review

Carol Kean has written a quite wonderful review of The Scion for Perihelion, giving the book 5/5 stars.  We had quite a lot of correspondence about the book - some of which is alluded to in the review.  Well worth reading, here is one of my favourite quotes: 'Bursting at the seams with planets, space ships, futuristic technology, wars, peoples, and monstrosities, “The Scion” is the hardest type of #HardScienceFiction, as we in the Twitterverse say. You could safely scrape the Mohs test-diamond over this story without leaving a visible scratch.'

Carol and Perihelion are also both up for awards in Preds & Eds, so go vote for them!


A big thank you to Carol for your kind words and support, in Perihelion as well as on goodreads and amazon. Thanks also to everyone else who has nominated and voted so far - you are all lovely people.

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  1. Guy, you remind me of Dr. Suzuki's observation about the world's most talented people: they are also the most humble. He grew up with no less than Einstein and other Super Achievers at his mom's dinner table. Love your comment on the Wraith - who'd ever expect YOU to experience that insidious phenomenon of self-doubt! Thank you for the kind words, and looking forward to your next story :-)