Tuesday 15 March 2016


A view from the 'ivory tower', yesterday morning.

I am sticking my head out of the ivory tower to write this.  Actually, it isn't ivory.  No elephants died to support my writing.  It was formed by a unique and somewhat alien process of ossification.  But it looks a lot like ivory and sways slightly when the wind is up.

Anyway, I'll come down soon.  But I've been busy with this writing thing.  The sequel to The Scion is coming along slowly but surely.  I keep slipping past self-imposed Scrivener deadlines, but the words are getting down.

The guys over at Safkhet have the synopsis and they seem happy so far.  The title will be revealed soon.  I'll weave a flag and fly it from the roof.  You'll see it for miles.

In addition, somewhere out there on the level plain, machines are gearing into action, and dead tree versions of The Scion are churning out.  Or will be.  Stuff is happening.

And finally, I managed to send a finished version of Machine Songs to Carol Kean of Perihelion reviewing fame.  It is still a rough diamond.  Or as I mentioned to her, probably cubic zirconium.  She managed to see through the typos and has already been tweeting about it, and even squeezed it into one of her reviews!

@tea_in_carolina: 'Machine Songs is more than YA coming of age.  It's as epic as Harry Potter / Ender's Game.'  Really?  Wow!  Thanks, Carol!  #listenforthemachinesong, folks.

Well, now I've tasted the rarefied air, it's time to return to The Scion 2.  See you all on the other side.


  1. Yes! Yes, really, Guy: 'Machine Songs is more than YA coming of age. It's as epic as Harry Potter and Ender's Game.' The underdog grows up in a world devoid of technology; he's orphaned and sent to live with his aunts, far away, in a world full of gadgets; with all his middle school classmates, he anxiously waits to find out if he is one of the gifted vs the ungifted, who fail to recieve a "familiar." Those who do get a machine might get one of the apparently useless models. Jocard one-ups that epic scene where Harry Potter discovers he can communicate with snakes. Jocard can communicate with machines. Not just one machine assigned to him by the powers that be, but ALL machines. (Except for a mysterious few that belong to the school bully and some sketchy adults.) Jocard keeps his abilities secret even from his friends, who are as cool (and socially harassed) as Hermione, Ron, and all the Potter crew we've been missing. I want to say more, but will wait until the book is for sale to readers everywhere. You're gonna love it!

  2. And read Guy's latest short story, "Clone Music," here: