Saturday 2 July 2016

Milford Blog

The new Milford SF Writers' Conference Blog site kicks off with a lovely piece by Al Reynolds (Revelation Space, other SF blockbusters).

I first went to the Welsh incarnation of Milford in 2012, after which I was entrusted with the annual report.  Then once I'd got the bug, I returned in 2014; some more words about that one here.

My story Words of War came out of 2012, as did a very rudimentary version of the first few chapters of the now finished (but as yet unpublished) Machine Songs.  And in 2014?  Well ... you'll have to wait!  Needless to say on both occasions, I made some fantastic writer friends, ate lots of vegetarian nosh and explored Mordor; some beers might also have been consumed.

And I'm back again this September for more writing related shenanigans.

Here is a screenshot from the Milford Success Stories page.  Keeping some distinguished company there:

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