Saturday 20 January 2018

Space Cold Wins

'Space Cold' has come top of the Positive Future Short Story Category in the Preditors and Editors Annual Readers' Poll!  Admittedly it was the only entry in its category, but I'll take it.  Any excuse to have a few beers, basically.

Drinking some Space Cold beer, earlier...

Thanks to everyone who voted!  And for the people who wrote these lovely comments:

'Having 5-starred The Scion and beta-read Lines of the Dead, I love Guy's organic and sentient spaceships. His inspiration for revenge on the 'cow' in Space Cold was inspired by the real-life horror story of the blue dogs of Mumbai. But this story ends on a positive note - something sorely needed in this market of dystopian SciFi.'

'Yet more brilliance from the Martland!'

'Inspiring work, great story and a fantastic way with words.'

Link to the Critters Website (which will direct you to the story): HERE

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