Wednesday 24 June 2015

The Scion now on Amazon (pre-order), Blog Tour and Other Stuff


My novel The Scion is now available to pre-order from Amazon!  It is coming out as an eBook only.  Although, you never know, they might kill some trees and spill some ink later on...

Europe Links:
UK, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain.

Non-Europe Links:
US, Canada, Australia, Japan.

The Scion Blog Tour:

Some lovely people have said they will entertain some of my words on their sites.  Fist up, I've got a piece about aliens coming to Beauty In Ruins on 6th of July.  Then a top 10 of my favourite SF novels to Words, Words, Words on the 7th July.  More to follow...

Other stuff:

'Approaching 43,000 Candles' has been published by Shoreline of Infinity!  And beautifully illustrated by Sara Ljeskovac.  It also features an interview with Charlie Stross (I once held his Hugo) and a heap of other great stuff.

'Gestating Elegy' (a reworked version) has also been accepted by Bards and Sages Quarterly and will be appearing in January 2016.

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