Friday 20 March 2015

Status Update: Incoming

Katrin Von Lindenberg's work-in-progress inspired by 'The Machine Sequence' stories.

Some news:

1) The Scion 

I am reliably informed by the owners of Safkhet publishing that The Scion is now with a copy editor.  So, things are moving towards publication.  Soon you will meet Septimus Esterhazy Esq. and travel with him around the colony planet of D and elsewhere...

2) Story Updates. 

Accepted, pending publication:

'The Leather Bracelet' - Encounters Magazine #14 (publication date May 2015)

'Approaching 43,000 Candles' - Shoreline of Infinity #1 (publication date June 2015)

'Sounding Out The Undead' - Blackfriars Bestiary, Rotting Hill Gate issue (publication date tbc) 

3) The Machine Sequence

Hopefully the rest of The Machine Sequence will come to Imaginalis soon.  Another 4 or so stories to go...

4) Machine Songs

Still working on this.  Second draft taking longer than I thought as I keep adding passages!

5) Other writings

There are about 10 short stories working their way through the Submissions Grinder... If you haven't been there, you must visit!

6) Dysprosium

I will be there.  Propping up the bar.

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