Sunday 19 April 2015


Eastercon - I drank with Milfordites, witnessed some great readings and then left to edit...

The copy edit of my novel 'The Scion' has now been returned to the publishers at Safkhet! I hurried back from Eastercon to sort this out - it pinged into my inbox almost as soon as I got there. So after catching up with the Milford SF crew and many other lovely SF people, I started slogging through the manuscript, working through the Copy Editor's comments. Then re-reading it twice, ironing out a few blips here and there. Two weeks later and I'm happy to report that it is all looking good. Late nights, lots of coffee, a few glasses of wine and a very supportive fiancée helped me get this done! The cat, Gordon, was indifferent to my efforts - he prefers Dreamies to SF.

Hands off the Penderyn, Gordon!


As soon as 'The Scion' had once again disappeared into the machinations of the publishing industry, I had another short story accepted by Perihelion SF!  This is called 'Esterhazy's Cadence' and features a character that appeared a long time ago in a story called 'Gestating Elegy'.  Jathria Al Sestro of sect Threses appears once again to play her viotel.  It should be going live in May.

Other shorts to follow, some of which were mentioned in a previous post:

'The Leather Bracelet' - Encounters Magazine #14 (publication date May 2015)

'Approaching 43,000 Candles' - Shoreline of Infinity #1 (publication date June 2015) 

'Sounding Out The Undead' - Blackfriars Bestiary, Rotting Hill Gate issue (publication date tbc)

'The Machine Sequence (Reflected)' - Imaginalis #1 (publication date tbc)

Advert for upcoming Milfords - Guy T Martland assuming pensive, writerly pose...

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